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Quick Questions To Match You and Your PlantsTake To The Garden Center

How many hours of  DIRECT, Full On Unfiltered Sun during the day? Click Here for a short guide to how to determine how much sun you really have.

WHEN during the day is there direct full-on sun?

The rest of the day, shaded by, mountains, houses, trees, filtered light?

What size is your container?

What is your container made of?

How will you be watering this container, by hand or, automatic irrigation?

Where is your container?  Beside the pool? Beside a hot brick wall that gathers the heat of the sun?  Beside your front door? Beside an established shade tree?

What is side is this container most viewed by, what is seen behind it?  Take a few pictures from that angle.

Seen from close up, or from a distance ( the street, end of drive….)

Now you can start to answer the questions of:

Do you want color all season?  

Do you want this same planter to showcase in the winter too?

What style is your house, landscape, personal?

What colors?

What plants do you like?

Questions the Garden Center Person Can Help With:

LOCAL CONSIDERATIONS, are any of these something you need to consider?

-Do the plants you have chosen play well together?  Heat, cold, humidity, winds, salt, soils, insects, deer, disease, invasive plants, poisonous to pets/children concerns, thorns, season too long/short for best use in a container, etc.

For Hacks On When The Best Time to Buy Your Plants Click Here to see a short sheet, I wrote to help you out!

For Feng Shui guidance on Plant Colors for Your Front Door, Click Here for a short rundown I wrote.

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