My Favorite Curtains, Heaters & Great Finds

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Custom Made Curtains

Click Here to see highly rated curtain crafter’s offerings, be sure you get the outdoor curtains!

Vinyl see-through curtains-

Curtain tie backs, no holes to drill!! Click Here for great magnetic tie backs, so handy and can be used on heavy curtains!

Curtain weights to hold down the edges:

Ready-Made for curtains:

Here are vinyl covered, lead-free, curtain weights, 1/2 oz (14g)

Vintage feel, so cute, I love these! Shaped like birds, green patina 3.6oz (102g)

Made for curtains, 7.2 oz (204g), weights,

DYI re-purposed for use, seal to protect curtain fabric:

These are handy wheel weights, 3/4 oz (21g) each, a box of 50, that would work well as heavy curtain weights,


Curtain Rods mount on the ceiling. Think ceiling of the porch, Hardware, attach curtain rod to ceiling, pergola, overhang or arbor, So handy!


Great find, 12 sq ft, under carpet or wood floor (over pad!!) radiant heating.

Need for a smaller space? Try this underneath ceramic tile, stone, wood, and other popular flooring materials, this no cut, one-piece radiant heating solution. 

Not doing new flooring, want a wall mount, plug-in radiant heater panel? 35″X24″ mounts flat. Space and energy saving!

Need much more heat than that? How about 1500W instant heat, reliable, CO2 free, with no odor! Mounted for space-saving! Less than $400!