Feng Shui Flowers Outside of the Front Door

Feng Shui is an ancient method to help guide good design and decorating choices, and I was very interested to see what I could find out about what Feng Shui principles have to say about plants in the entrance.  After much contradictory information, this is what I have learned.

Feng Shui flowers for outside the front door will follow these guidelines:

  1. Colors need to be appropriate for the compass direction of your front door.

North – blue and white flowers

South – red flowers

East & Southeast – blue flowers

West & Northwest – white and gold flowers

Northeast & Southwest – yellow, pink and red flowers

2. All plants must be healthy and in good condition to be at your entrance.

3. Plants with fat succulent leaves are positive for good feng shui.

4. There should be no spiky leaves for positive feng shui.

5. Do not have thorny plants at your entrance.

The information I found was very specific placements and recommendations based on North, South, East, West which I will detail more on below.


If your front door faces North, it’s element is water.  It’s colors are black and blue, with supportive color white.  This makes sense to me as a plant person, the Northern side of your house will be more shaded than the others, making it the best place to use black or dark blue planters.  If you used dark colors in a southern location, you are running the risk of cooking the roots, too hot. Also the reduced light levels lend themselves to foliage and a lot of great texture contrasts in green.  A great container would include Baby or King Tut cypress, ferns, white caladium, and hellebore.

https://amzn.to/2ZexErg?tag=besidethefr04-20Want to add a water element for either inside or outside that doesn’t take up too much room, but is simply gorgeous and modern? Take a look at this one on Amazon! This is a more classical Budda fountain, simply fabulous, you must take a look!

Avoid yellows and pink (earth colors, avoid due to earth’s destructive nature to water in Feng Shui)


If your front door faces South, it’s element is fire.  It’s color is red. Red is also the color for joy. Supporting colors of green from the wood element.  Southern exposures would get a lot of full on sun. there are so many choices here. Most of your current favorites will come in red and be appropriate here.  My recommendations include portulaca, (which is also a fat succulent leaf), and ivy geraniums.

Avoid blues and blacks due to the destructive forces of the water element on fire.
Check out this sign to strengthen the fire element here,

or use this light to balance your entry to not overdo the fire element.


If your front door faces South or South-East, it’s element is Wood.  Making it’s color green, and supporting color of blue and black from water.  The wonderfully blue scavelola and lobelia would thrive in these morning sun locations, as would King or Baby Tut cypress and elephant ears..

Avoid whites due to the destructive nature of metal on wood.

To enhance your wood element, you will love this wood & blue bamboo windchime.


West and North-west facing front doors element is metal.  Making its colors white, silver and gold. Recommended plants would be white geraniums, silver or gold licorice, and variegated vinca.

Avoid reds due to the destructive nature of fire on metal.

To enhance your Feng Shui in these areas, you really must look at these two windchimes! This one is a traditional metal windchime, great sound, and long-lasting! Click to see this handmade bell chime, a must-have, beautiful!


If your front door faces North-east or South-west, it’s element is Earth.  This makes it’s colors brown, yellow and pink, supporting color of red. Flowers recommended would be petunias, coleus and pink caladiums for the morning sun of the North-east.  For the afternoon heat of the South-west Vinca, Verbena and Marigolds.

Avoid wood and an over abundance of green due to it’s destructive forces on earth element.

To increase the Earth element, also use stone elements. Here is a wonderful collection of stones with positive words engraved which you can keep in a red bowl, like this one at Amazon, to increase their positive effects! I am definitely going to do this! For a wonderfully casual and unique art piece, look at these stacked rock cairns and this balanced rock pieces. Very affordable too!

Related Questions:

Feng shui cures for the front door?

 There are many feng shui cures for your front door.  Click here to go to Amazon for concave and convex mirror cures. Here is a gorgeous pottery cure I bet no one you know will have! Which one you use depends on what direction your front door faces, what challenges your front door has so what you are trying to cure.  Cures can be in the form of pictures, statues, colors, and living things, live plants, or fish.

What is important is that whatever it is, is healthy or in good repair.  No chipped or tarnished pieces. No struggling, diseased, or dead plants. Whatever you choose must be flourishing and reflecting the positive chi you are encouraging.

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