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Japanese Maples With Peach Color on New Leaves In The Spring

ACER CIRCINATUM ‘SUNNY SISTER’6-86-7peachlt greenyellow/ orangeAmoenumupright
ACER ELEGANTULUM X PALMATUM ‘JOHNNIE’S GIANT’6-9FAST15Peachdk greenyellow/ orangeMatsumuraeupright
ACER PALMATUM ‘GOLD DIGGER’6-98-10peachlt greenr/o/yPalmatumupright
ACER PALMATUM ‘PERIDOT FLAME’5-9VIGOROUS10-12peachdk greenyellow/ orangePalmatumvase
Acer palmatum Wou nishiki5-912peachdk greenyellow/ orangeMatsumuraeupright rounded

Acer circinatum ‘Sunny Sister’




Common Name – Vine Maple   

Winter Hardiness Zones – 6-8

Height in 10-15 yrs – 6’-7’

Spring Color -Peach, yellows, and apricot

Summer Color -light green

Fall Color – yellow

Winter Bark – dk red

Leaf Type -aminium

Variegated – not variegated

Tree Shape -upright, rounded

Light – Requires Afternoon Shade

Notes – Sister seedling to ‘Sunglow’, lighter spring colors and slightly faster growth.

Acer elegantulum X Acer palmatum ‘Johnnie’s Giant’

Common Name – Hybrid Chinese Maple   

Winter Hardiness Zones – 6-9

Growth – Fast

Height in 10-15 yrs – 15’

Spring Color – Red

Summer Color – Dark green

Fall Color – Red, and orange

Winter Bark – Light Green twigs

Leaf Type – Matsumurae 

Variegated – Not variegated

Tree Shape – Upright, rounded

Heat Tolerant – Yes, heat tolerant

Light – Full Sun Tolerant

Origin – Alabama, USA

Breeder/Introducer – Harold Johnson

Notes – summer pink / red growth high contract t older green  leaves

Acer palmatum ‘Gold Digger’


Common Name – Yellow Coral Bark Maple   

Winter Hardiness Zones – 6-9

Height in 10-15 yrs – 8’-10’

Spring Color – peach lined with red

Summer Color – green

Fall Color – yellow to orange then to red

Winter Bark – yellow

Leaf Type – palmatum

Tree Shape – upright, spreading

Series – Area 51 Series

Bonsai – Suitable for bonsai

Origin – US


Acer palmatum ‘Peridot Flame’


Winter Hardiness Zones -5-9

Growth – vigorous

Height in 10-15 yrs -10’-12’

Spring Color – peach

Summer Color – dark green

Fall Color – clear yellow to orange red

Leaf Type – Matsumurae

Tree Shape – upright rounded

Notes – The name Peridot Flame comes from the green spring color that follows the peach, like the gem peridot, and the yellow and then orange to red like a flame in the fall.


Acer palmatum ‘Wou Nishiki’


Common Name   

Winter Hardiness Zones -5-9

Height in 10-15 yrs -12’

Spring Color -peach

Summer Color -green may have bronze overlay in the sun

Fall Color -red

Leaf Type -Matsumurae




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