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DIY Your Own Website – Step by Step, Plant a Seed

Starting a website is like planting an acorn, you plant it and wait. This is not a magic bean here, growing to the skies overnight. This is a real oak tree. It takes time.

If you are ready to know how you can start your very own website, or blog. But not sure how to go about it?

Have so much to share on YOUR favorite thing, but don’t want to be taken advantage of by your inexperience in this subject of website building?

This is what I used to build this website. How I planted my acorn.

Income School – Project 24 (P24)

Slowly, as I could between my full-time job, my caring for a partner with Leukemia, my kids, and just life in general.

I stumbled across these 2 guys out of Idaho and really liked what they had to say about websites and how to go about it, on Youtube. They have a lot of free content, which I deveored before deciding to take the leap.

Turns out one of these guys is a lawyer, and the other is a chemical engineer that build websites because they love too, and now neither of them work in the field their degrees are in, they enjoy websites too much and are able to support each of their growing families from their website income.

I liked the fact that not only do they lay out everything they have learned from trial and error over the past several years, and a plethora of their own websites, preventing me from making the same mistakes., but I genuinely know they want me to succeed. This is not a ‘buy my course and now off with you’, they care about if I, yes I, succeed.

It feels to me like ‘I got a guy’ in the business. Like a friend from college that walks me through exactly what I need, without the bull!@#%&*. I have taken online classes before (can you say DRY) this is different.

They lay everything out step by step and in addition, answer questions, update information and trends continually in videos, podcasts, and routine additions to the course.

And as of this posting, all P24 members get full access to all courses and updates for a year, all included. There is an option to keep access going for subsequent years, and I plan to, just the private community and the Acadabo theme are worth it alone in my opinion.

Yes, that’s what I said, ADDITIONS to the course. At no extra charge! When I started 8 months ago, there was just the step by step basic course, with a few side additions about photography to help with pics for your web site. Even just that was SO COMPLETELY worth it!

Since then, they have added, again at NO CHARGE, new content to the course. A using Pinterest course, a how-to-use Youtube best practices and, a premium ‘Stupid Fast’ theme -Acadabo, to use with WordPress, a weekly podcast with updates to most current Google algorithm update best practices, and answers to questions asked them. All of this is exclusive content geared for you, me, anyone all over the world to be able to realistically replace their income in 24 months from their own websites.

No gimmicks, no black-hat (I found out this meant techniques running in the grey area or outright banned by google) methods. Content-driven, powerful, solid websites that you build and write.

Is it easy, !@#$% no, I am not a writer or a tech person by trade. These guys never try and tell you that it is easy. It takes dedication, hard work, and you spend a lot of your effort upfront before you see the rewards.

Simple to do, yes, easy, not so much. Worth it, YES.

I am so thankful to Jim & Ricky for putting their time, expertise and heart into making this course available.

If you want to start your own website or blog, and wouldn’t mind if it actually ended up giving you income, built the right way, for long term success. I wholeheartedly recommend this course. I would (and have been) recommending this regardless if it had an affiliate link or not.

I would appreciate it if you do click on my link when you are ready to start your course. But even if you don’t. Check them out and go for it!

I believe in you!