These Are What I Recommend To My Friends

Neem Oil- Organic solution for insects, & disease. Also repels insects.

Organic solution for voracious caterpillars. Only affects what eats it, does not harm bees, or earthworms.

Copper is my favorite dedicated organic fungicide. It just plain works.

When you are overwhelmed and waited too long to do anything about an insect problem. Will eliminate any insect that is eating your plants. For use on ornamental plants only.

I like this smaller size to treat houseplants that summered outside, a few weeks prior to bringing back inside!

Great fertilizer for most of your plants. Of the 4 fertilizers you need in your life, this fills the general-purpose segment fabulously.

For the acid-loving segment of plants, this is number 2 of the 4 fertilizers you need in your life.

Number 3 of the 4 fertilizers you need in your life, liquid fertilizer for your heavy feeding flowering containers. This is my organic choice.

The conventional choice for your heavy feeding flowering containers. Use in your irrigation water when you fertilizer.

My absolute favorite organic solution for seedlings and a boost once a month for my containers, all of my plants actually!

When you need to lower the pH of your soil, use this, NOT Aluminum sulfate which can build up in your soil. Acid-loving fertilizer will not raise the pH of your soil like most fertilizers will, but to reduce the pH of your soil to start, and to keep it lowered, use this Soil Acidifier.

My favorite budget, use for everything, potting soil. Chock full of fantastic ingredients! Not just your cheap potting soil, but a good price on great soil!

Sometimes you just need a little more water holding capacity in your containers, and this soil is my pick to use! Do not use for cacti or succulents.

This is compressed for easy and light shipping! The only one I have found with worm castings included as well! Clean and easy, leave some prep time for the water to swell up, and loosen the compaction on these bricks to turn into soft and fluffy soil to use!

If you have watched any of my YouTube videos where I start seeds or propagate cuttings, you know my preferred medium is vermiculite. It is light, holds a lot of moisture, and is sterile to use!

I use this in my own garden, both in the ground, sub-irrigated containers, or large veggie containers. It is a great mulch and has the benefit of adding nutrients to the soil, every time you water.