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What Plants Can Grow Up A Wall?

When considering accenting a wall with plants, keep in mind what type of wall you have and how long you want it to be accented by plant growth.

Most vines can be trained up a wall, either growing directly or using support, but you may want to think twice before growing a plant up your wall.

What type of wall do you have?

House wall types that require a separate structure away from the wall for a vine or plant to grow on.:

  • Wood siding
  • Cedar Shingle
  • HardiBoard Plank
  • Vinyl siding

House wall types that vines and plants can grow directly on: 

 Vines can work their way into cracks and disrepair or you may damage the wall when removing the vines.  All of these types will need to be in good repair and not cracked.

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Lattice
  • Stucco


The fence is often a great place to grow vines as by the time the vines might be starting to damage them, they are ready to be replaced anyway!  

  • Wooden fence
  • Vinyl fence

Wrought Iron Fence

The best type of vines for a wrought iron type of fence are twining or tendril types of vines, but sticker types will work fine too.  If the fence is in full sun, plant growth may be slowed by how hot the metal gets from absorbing the heat from the sun.

These plants will grow directly on walls that are shaded and stay moist,  it will either work or not fairly naturally.  The looks are difficult to achieve artificially.



To accent bare walls, plant trees and use a special pruning technique called espalier to make an enviable display.  Plant 12 inches or more from the wall to allay any concerns of trapping moisture or wall damage.


  • Deciduous Trees
  • Large Shrubs
  • Fruit Trees

Perennial Vines


Virginia Creeper

Algerian Ivy

English Ivy

Climbing Hydrangea

Creeping Fig


Climbing Rose





Passion Flower


Annual vines

Sweet Pea

Black Eye Susan Vine


Morning Glory

Moon Vine

Shrubs That Can Act Like Vines


Garrya elliptica



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