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Shade Plants Container Combination Planter

Your porch is shaded for most of the day, what can you grow there that will thrive and look fabulous? Here is a listing of plants that will sparkle in your containers!

Choose at least one plant from each of the three categories for a full planter: Thriller, Filler, and Spiller. Otherwise known as a tall accent plant, a bulky mid-level plant, and a cascading plant.

  • Upright Fuchsia
  • Hosta
  • Rex begonia
  • Sweet Potato Vine
  • Tuberous begonia
  • Coleus
  • Lobelia
  • Varigated Algerian Ivy
  • see photos below:

One example is:

Not absolutely positive what to plant? Get this quick sheet; “Speed dating For You & Your Plants” to take with you to your local garden center for success in choosing plants the first time!

Many of these plants you can propagate yourself, click here to see how to grow sweet potatoes from cuttings, with pictures! Sweet potato care and propagation are the same for both ornamental varieties and edible varieties.

Someone put in a white zonal geranium that will stop blooming in less than 4-6 hours of sun, I would not recommend that. Instead add more upright interest to this container with Curly Whirly, and some Upright variegated iris. Do not expect blooms from the iris, but it will add gorgeous lines for the season and transplant into your landscape at the end of the season. Also, add an additional Pink Rex begonia or colored heuchera, and some variegated Algerian ivy to add more power to the trailing part of this container.

A surprising choice instead to use in the fall is to add a mum to your shade container. You do NOT need your container mums in the sun! I know this goes against everything you read and hear about mums. Read “Stop Putting Your Mums In The Sun..” here to find out why I do not put mine in the sun anymore.

After planting your new plants, read this to find out how much to water new plants.

You notice, there is lots of color and interest in this container, and not dependent on keeping everything blooming! Shade areas, embrace the foliage! Who needs flowers when you have this much reliable color!

“Shade color is all about the foliage. Embrace the foliage!”

Toni Colgrove

Are you unhappy with what you put in your shade containers this spring? Did they stop flowering, look skimpy, or have dead areas? Yes, you can re-plant, even in the heat of the summer. If you want to find out how; click here to read “Plant In The Summer Successfully”.

If you are worried about your pottery cracking, find out how to prevent it here.

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Toni has a bachelor degree in Plant & Soil Science, has lived, gardened and growing all over the US, in Vermont, Tennessee, Idaho, coastal North Carolina and Virginia. She has been sharing her knowledge through writing, one on one consulting and talking to anyone who wants to listen at social gatherings everywhere : )

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