What To Know Before – Porch Bed Swing

You have heard all the latest buzz about porch and patio swing beds. You have heard about how comfortable they are and how gentle the swing is. A little slice of heaven. I have heard it too and wondered if they were all that they were advertised to be, and wanted to find out more before buying one.

This is what I learned. What you want to look for in a porch swing bed:

This is what you need to know before buying or making a porch bed swing:

  • weight capacity?
  • size, deep seat swing or twin mattress sized (or larger) swing bed?
  • outdoor element resistant?
  • outdoor rated cushions?
  • does it include hanging hardware?
  • does it include the cushion base/mattress?
  • how much assembly is required
  • have slats been routered round or are there sharp edges?
  • slats nailed or screwed in?
  • galvanized/ rustproof hardware?
  • is it quiet? Ropes or chains for support?
  • If made of wood, is it finished? Stained?

What style and size you want depends on where the swing will go and what purpose you want it for.

Do you want a place to sit and swing? A place to enjoy the view? Is this in a more formal, public area of your house? Do you want something more traditional? Ten, you are looking for a deeply seated porch swing bed, with a myriad of pillows and the look of a couch, but gliding on air.

Are you looking for a place to recline and read? A place to take a rejuvenating nap? Is this in a more private, less formal space that you would feel comfortable napping in? A place for the kids to pile on for a family pow-wow, or plans for serious fun? Then you are looking for a deeper, wider porch swing bed that fits a twin, full, queen (even custom made king !) mattress or outdoor futon. This can take the look of an actual bed complete with head and footboard, but hanging, to a floating cushioned platform, or a hybrid- a swinging deep sectional couch.

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Weight Capacity

Weight capacities for 2 person swings run pretty standard from 200 pounds to 500 pounds. That is quite a range! There are extra sturdy models, especially for those larger size platforms. These are 700, 800, even a thousand-pound capacity! Remember to include the weight of the cushions and/or mattress.

Be sure to check, and when figuring out how much capacity you want, be sure to include not the maximum weight of the people (after a Thanksgiving dinner!), but the dog too. If any of these people are kids, account for adult weight, not what they are now! Buy for more weight than you expect to need. You want to feel confident and solid on this swing, that is the only way it will be relaxing! This is no time for figuring weight by what is listed on the drivers’ license!

Deep seat swing or bed?

Both deep-seated swings and full-hanging beds are grouped into the hanging porch swing bed category. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Decide what purpose you want this for. Napping, or not napping is a good litmus test, and that will help focus your search.

Outdoor element resistance

Yes, I know you are going to have your swing undercover, but it will get at least damp if not outright wet. You will save yourself time, money, and stress if you think about that now. The wood needs to be either rot-resistant naturally like teak, cedar, or black locust wood, or treated wood. Protect against mold, rot, insects. Even if this never gets rained on ( and it will), humidity is enough to lay low wood that is not resistant or treated.

Metal needs protection as well. Will it rust? Are you using rope or chains to support the swing bed? The hardware used to construct it, is it galvanized to resist rust? You don’t want rust streaking down next year ruining your cushions or porch! Less expensive now, won’t usually mean less expensive in the long run! Save up, buy quality, you will be happier.

Outdoor-rated cushions

Again, I know this will be in a covered area It will get wet. At least once. Count on it. Use only cushions and bedding that are made for patio or poolside wear. Indoor fabrics can not hold up to the sun or humidity that is a given outdoors. Getting outdoor soft goods is less expensive than replacing them twice a year. This is a place of stress relief and rejuvenating healing rest. Don’t risk mold, mildew, or insect infestations!

Hanging hardware

What weight capacity did you figure you needed above? Make sure your hardware and hanging points can hold that as well. Consider the support ropes or chains as well. Consider any metal hardware to make sure it is rust-resistant or otherwise protected. Hardware can be a target to use cheaper materials, you need to look at this detail for long-term satisfaction.


How much assembly is required? How much assembly do you want to do? How much are you skilled enough to do? Now be honest with yourself. Or budget in for someone to come and assemble it for you. A great idea anyway, they can properly install hanging hardware too!

Finish quality

Are the wood pieces smooth? Are the edges sharp? Finish quality makes a big difference in your happiness. Splinters are no fun and definitely will interrupt your stress relief napping!

Slats nailed or screwed? Both can be fine, however, screwed in is more durable.

Support ropes or chains? Both can be used. Chains can rust but are stronger. Rope is quieter but can be less durable.

Related Questions:

How much does a swing bed cost?

A porch swing bed can cost anywhere from $300 to over $1000, depending on the size and quality of the build. You can save by building your own, or get one custom built exactly to your wishes and space.

Does a porch bed swing have to be a standard size?

No, you can make it any dimensions and shape you want. However, if you keep to standard sizes, you will not have to get custom cushions made.

  • crib 28″ X 52″
  • twin 38″ X 75″
  • full 54″ X 75″
  • queen 60″ X 80″
  • king 76″ X 80″

To protect your mattress or futon, be sure to completely encase it with a waterproof protector. Skip by the covers, this will be outdoors, and complete encasement is needed, not only to protect from rain, and humidity, but insects as well.

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