How To Hang Or Attach To Vinyl Siding, No Drill – 6 Tested Hooks

I have rented houses for several years now, and when it is time to put up decorative items or hang Christmas lights, I was stuck.  How to hang up on vinyl siding without damaging or drilling a hole in the siding? If you have brick instead, check out how you hang items on your brick without drilling here.

Vinyl siding hooks can be used, without damaging your vinyl siding to hang items, but can only be installed at the seams between the panels.  There is some difference in how each is best used. Outdoor Command hooks can be used anywhere on the panel.  

I tested all six of these brands, styles, and material solutions to discover if there were any differences in performance.

Best For Hanging Holiday Lights and Decor On Vinyl Siding, No Drill

– Vinyl Siding Hooks for Outdoor decor by Naceture.  They have a low profile, are easy to hand items onto, and have the hook capacity for multiple lines.  These had the heft and heavy-duty thickness to hold securely while being less expensive than the competition.

Best Vinyl Siding Hook for Temporary Party Light-Weight Decor, No Drill  

– Larco VZ Hang.  Discreet, fast, and will not tempt you to hang too much on a single hook.  No worries about losing metal pieces during installation or afterward.  White color to blend into a pale color siding.  Plastic, no worries about getting too hot in the sun, or too cold to grip in the winter.

Best For Decorative Hook On Vinyl Siding, No Drill

Command Outdoor.  Fast, install just about anywhere, and strong enough to hold most decor items.  Good looking enough not to be hidden.

Best Hook For Long Term Use On Vinyl Siding, No Drill

– Vinyl Siding Screw Hooks, Naceture, security camera hooks.  Most durable and resistant to bending to hold securely long-term to your siding.

The best type (style) of vinyl hooks for easy hanging of temporary lights or decor (pic)

vinyl siding hook

The best type (style) of vinyl hooks to hold lights and decor in windy areas or long term. Use hook area rather than hanging off the screw. (pic)

How I Tested:

I installed each of these hooks on the same panel, side by side on the side of my house covered with vinyl siding.  The Outdoor Command hook was installed, according to the directions, and in the center of a panel.  All were allowed to settle several days prior to testing. 

Each Hook For Testing

On the day of testing, it was 85 deg F, and I expected that to be a disadvantage to the adhesive nature of the Command Hook, however, it still held over the weight it was rated for. 

I hung, with twine, 1.1-pound water bottles, one by one until either no more twine could be held, or failure of the hook, dropping the bottles.

Adding More Weight
Larco VZ Hang$ 0.99 /ea5 / 5.5 lbs¼” deep¼” wide openingMaterial stress damage at 5.5 #
Huxor Vinyl Siding Clips $0.60 /ea10 / 5.5 lbs¾” deep½” wide opening½ screw to hang off ofDifficult to hang many pcs of twine on hook, not on screw, popped off prior to failure
No Hole Hook- Low profile$1.05 /ea6 / 7.7 lbs3/4“ deep¼” wide openingCan bent with thumb
Vinyl Siding Screws Hooks – Security Camera Naceture $1.08 /ea12 / 12.1 lbs¾” deep½” wide opening½ screw to hang off ofHeavy Duty thickness, no bending with thumb
Vinyl Siding Hooks  – Outdoor Décor Naceture $ 0.80 /ea18 / 15.4 lbs(ran out of twine room, did not fail)½” deep¾” wide openingHeavy Duty thickness, slight give with thumb
Command Outdoor Large – up to 5 #$ 4.00/ ea5/ 7.7 #1” deep¾” wide openingDecorative, not meant to be hidden
6 Tested Vinyl Siding Clips Table

VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hooks from Finish Trim

VZ Hang hooks are made from plastic, which slid onto the seam easily without concern that it might scratch the vinyl.  These were labeled for up to 5 pounds, which it did well.  The hook area was smaller and had physical room for fewer twine loop attachments, but did hold up to 5, which was plenty for the 5-pound test.

The VZ Hang warped slightly and the siding warped slightly as the weight increased until the hook was touching the siding below it, and sprung out and fell when the last pound was added to the hook.  

Neither the hook nor the siding showed warping after removal, but the hook did show signs of mechanical stress, in the form of white stress marks, on the plastic.  I do like that I can feel confident that the hook will fail before there is damage done to the siding.

The white color was unobtrusive against my ivory siding but was 1 ½ inch wide as opposed to the ½ to 3/3 inch of the metal hooks.  The command hook was a decorative shape and bronze color and was designed to be seen, not hide.

Huxor Vinyl Siding Clips

Huxor are made from stainless steel, which is great as it will not leave rust streaks on the siding if left up.  All of the hooks were the same difficulty level to install, once the seam was found, and the correct angle/twist was found, they all went up with only a moderate level of desire to curse.

The clips that arrived from Amazon did not come with the etching of HUXOR as shown in the picture at Amazon, the shape of the hook looked correct, but I could not be certain they were the brand advertised or made from the material advertised.

I tested these, using the inner hook to hang twine with weights from, while the advertised use is to have the screw extrude enough to hang decorative items with a hook on the back, such as a plaque.

The actual addition of additional twine to the hook, which faces the siding, actually was the deciding factor for this hook in my trials.  The act of adding additional lines altered the angle of the hook with the siding, leading to its popping off at a lower weight than expected.  Additional testing without the angle and manipulation showed this hook did hold up to the 10 pounds claimed.  I would not want to hang anything of higher weight than that on my vinyl siding panel, for concern of damaging the siding.

No-Hole Hook, Low Profile

No-Hole clips are made from stainless steel, so it will not rust and stain your siding.  

They are advertised as low profile, but there was not a measurable difference between these and the competition.  Yes, they are much lower profile than the Command Hooks, but not noticeably than the other siding hooks. 

No Hole on the Left, Naceture on the right

The No-Hole Hooks were the second most expensive out of the stainless steel hooks, but they were not the most durable, or even the second most durable.  The design is a good design and they performed well, for most uses, a more durable hook is just not necessary.  

The actual hook size to hand items on is generous and is easy to use.  I would not hesitate to buy and use these again if my favorite brand, Naceture, was not available.  There was only the slightest difference in thickness and these hold more weight than I would want long-term on my siding.

Vinyl Siding Screw Hooks, Naceture security camera hooks

This brand is sturdier than the others, also made of stainless steel to not rust and stain your siding.  These hooks arrived with the brand etching as shown by Amazon, so I knew they were the hooks advertised. 

They were noticeably sturdier than the competitor of the same design.  The weight test was done directly on the hook which faces the siding instead of the screw, which lead to the awkward angle and more finesse to add twine lines, however, it held more than advertised.   

Vinyl Siding Hooks, Naceture; outdoor decor hooks

Vinyl Siding Hooks, Naceture outdoor decor hooks are my favorite vinyl siding hook due to the sturdiness of the material, the simplicity of the design, and the ease of hanging items.  It is made with stainless steel so there will not be rusting to stain your siding. 

Naceture outdoor decor hooks were the second least expensive, and are the ones I am choosing for hanging both decorations and mounting spots to twine trellis my tomatoes onto. 

Command Outdoor Large Hooks

Command Outdoor Large Hooks held the least weight of the hooks, but they did not break or snap.  The hooks simply bent the siding down slowly and then the adhesive slowly detached from the top. 

No damage to the siding from bending or the adhesive. 

It did hold the 5 pounds listed, but mounting on the flat front of the siding does not lend itself to holding more than 5 pounds.

You honestly can not go wrong with any of these, the deciding factor for how much the hook can hold will be your siding.


Toni has a bachelor degree in Plant & Soil Science, has lived, gardened and growing all over the US, in Vermont, Tennessee, Idaho, coastal North Carolina and Virginia. She has been sharing her knowledge through writing, one on one consulting and talking to anyone who wants to listen at social gatherings everywhere : )

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