Favorite Halloween Decorations

Who wants a mermaid (or merman) skeleton? Over 6 ft long. Gotta Love it!!

Click on the image to see current availability on Amazon.

Life-size, realistic bat. Hang subtlely around….or imagine an entire colony hung from your porch roof! Add a family (however many are in your family) every year to start a fun family Halloween tradition.

Dancing enchanted broom anyone?

47″ Tall!

Dance the night away.

Perfect for your Disney’s Fantasia”s fan!

Man-eating Venus flytrap

7 ft tall inflatable

How fun!

Click image to see if still available on Amazon!

Animated Vintage Radio with Lights & Halloween Spooky Sounds

Have a T-Rex fan? Amazon reviewers rave what a huge hit with the neighborhood! 7ft tall, lights included & stakes too.

Highly Rated, what better for the crazy cat lady in us all! Head moves from side to side and is 6ft long. Can’t wait to try it out. Click on image to see the current pricing on Amazon.

Seven ft long Grim Reaper riding a motorcycle just what you need to star in your Halloween display? Here you go! What else would a modern grim reaper use for transportation these days, LOL.

Already have one? Then you need a grim reaper groupie. Grab an individual skeleton riding his own motorcycle, or get an entire gang going! Six ft long each, get a whole posse started!

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