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Gorilla Dump Carts; Sizes Compared & Pro Tips

I first started looking for a new wheelbarrow to use in my garden and landscape.  It is what I have always used.  It is what I am used to.  I had moved and needed to get one to move mulch, garden debris, wood chips, bags of compost, bricks, logs and to do the initial wetting down of peat moss when used.

Then the research junkie kicked in and I thought, I had seen garden carts, let me look into them before buying anything.  I really liked the Gorilla Dump Carts, 6 cu ft size, and the 7 cu ft size, but could not decide which to get, I just could not visualize the size difference, or which would work best for me.

I decided to buy both, compare the 2, and could always sell the one I did not keep.  

These are what was the same:

  • Packaging
  • Tires

The differences started with buying, and beyond just the size:

  • Price
  • Suppliers
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Dump mechanism
  • Bolts for barrow attachment
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I have not sold the second cart. I found with 2 carts, I could have a helper distributing the enormous chip pile that Chip Drop dumped for me. Also, I liked the 6 cu ft better for:

  • hauling heavier materials, with a larger barrow I would have overloaded, for my pulling ability
  • the steeper slope on the back of the borrow worked best to dump larger items like wood
  • The construction was heavier and more solid

I liked the 7 cu ft better for:

  • larger barrow size for moving light things, and potted plants
  • the ergonomics of the pull dump leaver
  • Bolt heads flush to barrow, don’t catch on soil or compost

Cart Comparison:


– Same packaging. Outer Box, slide out the barrow which contains the rest of the parts for assembly.


– Gorilla carts 6 cu ft and 7 cu ft, both used the same size tires, 13″ and model tubeless tires; 4.0-6.


Gorilla Dump cart 6 Cu Ft, model GOR6PS in 2024 is $189, click here to see current pricing.

Gorilla Dump cart 7 Cu Ft, model GCG-7 in 2024 is $292, click here to see current pricing.

Difficulty of Assembly-Gorilla Carts

The assembly of both carts was similar in difficulty. It took me, with only minor assembly experience and the help of my dog, less than 45 minutes from box to finish; time to inflate tires not included.

6 & 7 cu ft Gorilla carts
Yes, the 6 cu ft handle is on backward..I pulled the bolt and turned it.


-Gorilla cart -6 cu ft

  • The steeper slope of the dumping back of the barrow
  • One stage dump, tilt back to 90 degrees only
  • Heavier to pull empty
  • The dump lever handle pulls horizontally to activate dump motion, and just unlocks the wagon borrow from the wheel to allow dumping.

-Gorilla cart -7 cu ft

  • Significantly less of an angle on the back of the barrow
  • Two-stage dump tilts back and then lifts off wheels further to lie completely upside down
  • Lighter to pull
  • The dump lever handle pulls up to activate dump motion, following the upward motion to lift the barrow to dump
  • Materials; plastic handle to activate dumping mechanism.
  • Dual-stage dumping action. The first stage dumps back perpendicular to the ground, and the second stage disengages further from the wheelbase and allows the barrow to tip back to lie completely upside down on the ground.
  • Bolts for barrow attachment are located inside the barrow, same as the 6 Cu ft, but are nearly flat and domed to not catch smaller particle fill such as sand or compost in.

Pro Tips to best use Gorilla Dump carts:

  • Fill the tires with air before installing them, especially if you do not have an air pump at home.
  • Open out the hardware only as you need it, it is conveniently packaged in steps
  • For the most complete emptying of the cart when in use for sand, mulch, wood chips, peat moss, etc., use dump action completely, leave it open completely, with a swift pull on the pulling handle, bring it towards you about ¼ length of the cart.  The barrow will have emptied more completely than otherwise, and without scooping or raking out the remainder of the contents.
  • Lubricating the metal against plastic areas of the 6 cu ft cart eliminates an annoying squeak that developed within a few weeks.
  • Dumping action is not passive, both wagons require lifting the weight of materials to tip over,.
  • Do not overfill for your lifting capacity.  The very first load of sand I filled to the top.  I could pull the load on level ground but was hard-pressed to actually dump that load.
  • For easier dumping, place most of your load in the back.  I did this often when moving dense and heavy loads such as sand, soil, and compost.
fill at rear of barrow
Fill At Rear of Barrow

Related Questions:

Are Gorilla Carts Any Good?

I have used many carts and wheelbarrows in my line of work in horticulture, and these have been my favorite so far. they are durable, and have good capacity, and are easy to use.

Do Gorilla Carts Dump?

The Gorilla Dump carts do dump, but not the carts with square mesh sides. If you desire dumping capability, check for it in the title of the Gorilla Cart you are considering buying.

Do Gorilla Carts Work On The Beach?

Gorilla carts are excellent on the beach. They have wide tires that are similar in width to the tires used for beach-going bicycles. They will not carry as much weight on the beach if at a slower speed than a bicycle. The tires could tend to bog down if very heavy and being pulled very slowly.

Do Gorilla Carts Rust? The Gorilla carts with steel frames will rust if left out in the weather and not maintained. The poly-barrow carts will only rust on the metal parts if not maintained.

Can I Tow A Gorilla Cart?

Some models of Gorilla carts are made to be towed by a hitch from your garden tractor, riding mower, or Gator. Both the 6 cu ft and the 7 cu ft covered in detail above have this feature.

Do Gorilla Carts Have Brakes?

Neither the 6 cu ft nor 7 cu ft Gorilla Dump carts have brakes.

Do Gorilla Carts Have A Warranty? There is an easy way to request replacement parts if something is damaged, but there is no stated warranty time at the time of writing. Follow this link to the Gorilla company’s website to request replacement parts.

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