Fall Foliage Color in Your Garden (pics), Blueberry Plants

Are you looking to add fall color to your garden? Wondering what blueberry shrubs will really look like in the fall beyond the description of ‘red’?

Here are a few actual photos of blueberry bushes showing their brilliant scarlet fall color.

Blueberry Fall foliage

These were taken in zone 6, and I have grown them in zone 4 as well, where they are just as brilliant scarlet.

You can make a hedge from blueberries as well. They are often a bit leggier and looser in growth in the nursery, but as they grow in your landscape, and are pruned, blueberries can make a thick hedge.

In very early spring, the blueberries will have clusters of small bell-shaped flowers before the leaves emerge.

Blueberries in flower

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