EGO Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Real Life Review, Good & Bad

After buying an EGO Push Battery Operated Lawn Mower, here are a few things I wish I had known before buying….

The Ego Electric Mower I would by again and recommend to friends

QualityOut Of 5 Stars
Ease of start5 stars
Ease of maintenance5 stars
Durability of build4 stars
Confidence of durability3 stars
Power3 stars
Battery Length of Use 4 stars
Battery Recharge Time4 stars

The Ego Power + 21″ Select Cut, LM 2130, a battery-operated push lawnmower is a competent lawn mower for the average-sized suburban lawn.  The mower itself is lightweight making it easy to push and maneuver, however, the battery is substantial and adds weight to that mower.  The EGO lawnmower is powerful so you can mow your average lawn with confidence.

Notice I keep saying average lawn.  Aha, there is the kicker.  Yes, I was impressed with the performance of routine mowing of a smooth and flat lawn area.  This is all most of us will ever need.

I needed both a new mower and a new string trimmer.  Both needed to be gentle to a household containing 2 shoulder surgeries.  If you want to hear about the string trimmer I decided upon, click here to learn about my experience and review.

Ego Mower
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This is what I consider the important points of my mower experience:

  1. Easy push-button start.
  2. Rolls smooth and easy on flat even terrain.
  3. The highest blade setting very high.
  4. Do NOT expect to use the EGO mower to hack back overgrowth.
  5. The battery power lasts a long time.
  6. There is a quick battery charge.
  7. The battery fits both the mower and string trimmer.
  8. The length of the mower push bar is adjustable.
  1. Easy push-button start.

YES!!  I did love the easy push-button start!  No more repeated pulling, risking my shoulder that does little else to prepare it for that motion of pull starting a mower.  No more praying the motor starts before I run out of gas.  And most importantly, no more acrobatics trying to avoid STOPPING the mower in fear of having to pull start it again!  Push-button start is a game-changer for me!

  1.  Rolls smooth and easy on flat even terrain.

This is as easy to push and rolls along on smooth level lawns.  Unfortunately for my, the lawn on my rental on which I mow, is a rough, uneven, pothole, ankle-twisting waiting to happen affair of which I can do little about without a major financial investment with no payoff.  Being a rental…

So….. for my rough, uneven lawn, I found the EGO Push hard to push.  The self-propelled version, which does exist, would have been appreciated.  To be fair, ANY mower would have been difficult to push on this terrain.  This is for those who are deciding on the push VS the self-propelled versions.

  1. The highest blade setting very high.

 Too high for a lawn, but appreciated in rougher areas that might be hiding a stone.  This also brings to mind the lightweight plastic construction does not inspire confidence in surviving the odd stone…leading to…

  1. Do NOT expect to use the EGO mower to hack back overgrowth. 

Not for use in super rough, unknown rock, wild, overgrown areas, but great for regular lawn maintenance.

  1. The battery power lasts a long time.

I mowed both the front and back lawn of a  typical city lot twice and still had power left.  With planning, you can get away with only 1 battery purchase (Yay!).

  1. Also, there is a quick battery charge.

There is only an hour from empty to full (again Yay!)  However, the battery charger has a loud fan to cool the battery while charging.  I was compelled to move the battery charger from the house, where I could keep an eye on for when fully charged, to the garage (boo!)

  1. The battery fits both the mower and string trimmer (again Yay!)

8. The length of the mower push bar is adjustable, again yay! I found a significant difference in the ease of pushing with the handle lowered.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase, besides the fact, in hindsight, I would have preferred the self-propelled version.  I love that there is not the normal maintenance of a gas-powered engine.  No oil changes.  No filter changes.  No dripping fluids in my garage.  No transporting gasoline in those red gas cans from the gas station.  No “I can’t mow now, we are out of…”

I love how quiet it is.  I do not have to worry is 9 AM is too early on a Sunday to mow!  I am sure you already know of those advantages, which is why you are considering an electric mower to start with!

I also purchased an EGO Battery String Trimmer as well.  If you want to know my thoughts and review of that, click here to see that post.

For those of you that would like to see the product statistics, I am providing them below.

Mower weight50.3 lbsPush-button startYes
Deck Size21”Fold for StorageYes
RPM2700 RPMSide DischargeYes
Re-Charge time50 minMulchingYes
Bag Volume2 bushelsBaggingYes
Warranty5 YrsLED LightsYes
Run-Time/charge Light Load45 MinutesHeight Settings1 ¼”
                        Medium Load35 Minutes1 ½”
                        Heavy Load20 Minutes2”
1 Handle Height AdjustmentYes2 ½”
3 ½”

Now, stop researching, and go get yourself a mower and get mowing!  🙂  You will be glad you did!

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