Easy Watering Extended & Automatic – Tested Solutions

Oya in garden

Ollas & Oyas :

Large, use in garden or containers 18″+. Click here to see on Amazon.comMedium, 7″ WX 10″ Tall 3L. Small, 5″ W X 7″ Tall, 1L

Click here to see 1.25 gal (4.7 L) Olla, with beautiful blue cover

Drip Irrigation:

Claber Oasis, Automated Drip Irrigation System. This company knows what the are doing. Reliable. Reliable. Reliable. Period. Click here to see the best price on Amazon.

Bottle Systems:

-Simple adjustable to use with plastic bottle, very highly rated!! Click Here To See On Amazon.com Adjustable flow rate with plastic bottle

Longer-term, terra cotta spike system with a separate reservoir,
, Blumat System, gravity-fed. Very highly rated and reliable!

Terra cotta stakes systems :

Plant Nanny – recycle a wine bottle!

Decorative Glass Globe Systems:

These work great for some, and others have trouble. Here are some tips to help you have success with these!

  • Insert these at a 30-degree angle, watch the air bubbles as they rise to the top when inserting, if they seem really fast or slow, take out and put in again at a steeper or more shallow angle.
  • If your plant is root bound already, a different type of watering will work better for you. These work by soil saturation level at the tip of the bulb determining the flow rate. If root bound, the soil will not be firm against the tip, letting the water flow out unregulated.
  • be sure you have small bulbs for small or light pots, and larger bulbs for larger or heavy pots. You want the pot to stay upright and not be tipped over by the weight of the bulb.

Click Here To See On Amazon, set of Blazin Buffalo all-glass watering globes.

Wyndham House hand-blown globes

Mini hand-blown watering globes.

Click Here, and Here, and Here to see if any left in stock!

For your smaller pots, these are adorable, leave in the pot mushroom refillable terra cotta stakes.

Click Here To See On Amazon.com

If you are looking for self-watering pots instead, click here to go my article with my favorite ones that work and look good too!

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