Are You Sure You Want A Battery Powered String Trimmer?

I bought an EGO Power+ 15″ electric string trimmer with Rapid Reload and this is what I found…

Yes, you do want an electric string trimmer or at least an EGO string trimmer.  I found it, ST1500SF, to be as powerful as any other home-owner grade trimmer with good balance, quiet, and easy to start!  

This is a household with 2 shoulder surgeries residing in it, and anything pull-start or otherwise hard on those with shoulder issues is not allowed!  I needed a new mower and a new string trimmer and set out on a quest to fit the right fit for our household.  Click here to read about the mower I decided on, and what I would have purchased instead.

This is what I found to be the most important points about the EGO Battery-Powered String Trimmer:

  1. Power

As much power as any homeowner-grade weed trimmer.  This surprised me, I was expecting to be disappointed in the power, but was pleasantly surprised!

  1. Quiet

I was again pleasantly surprised at how much less noise this string trimmer made than the traditional gas-powered string trimmer!  Gone are my “sounds like a chain saw” days, and I’m not looking back!

  1. As heavy to carry as any gas-powered trimmer.

Here I was a little disappointed.  I was hoping that without the gas motor, It would feel so much lighter, but that battery that is providing that great power felt as heavy as the gas-powered versions I have used in the past.  I recommend the carrying strap!

  1. Good balance.

The balance was very good on this trimmer, which makes all the difference in how that weight FEELS to use.  This was good!

  1. Long-lasting battery

Yes, this is the same battery used in the EGO lawn Mower, click here for review, and it lasted through not only the whole lawn mowing but the edge weed-whacking too!

  1. Quick charging battery.

If your lawn area is larger than mine, and need to charge between mowing and trimming, it takes only 1 hour to charge from empty to full power!  Now if I charged that fast too…

  1. The loud fan on the battery charger is distracting.

Like me, it is loud during recharging.  I regulated the loud fan on the charger to the garage.  Thank goodness my better half doesn’t do the same thing to me while I snore through my recharging!  

  1. String bump release.

The release for more string works the same as any other, no better, no worse.  I wish I could say it worked better than the rest,  but I suppose bump release is still better than stopping the trimmer, pulling out more string, and then restarting!

For those of you that would like to see the product statistics, I am providing them below.

15” Cutting SwathWeather-Resistant Construction
Pro-Grade Dual Feed Spiral Twist .095” LineHi-Efficiency Brushless Motor
Rapid Reload HeadVariable Speed Motor
Weight 7.33 PoundsNo-load speed 4000-5800 RPM
Ego Mower

Click here to read my review of the partner Ego Electric battery Powered Mower

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